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In all 50 states at least some form of auto insurance is required. If you drive and cause an accident, Texas law requires you to pay for the damages. Accidents happen and depending on the types of coverage you have, your auto insurance could pay for car repair or replacement, medical expenses, rental cars, towing, court costs, and other expenses. Here at VOS Insurance Agency we believe that if you are going to drive, you have the duty to your community to maintain your Texas auto insurance for everyone’s protection. Driving is a privilege; not a right..

Why Do You Need Car Insurance in Texas?

Automobile accidents can occur and it seems as though they happen in the most inconvenient of times; that is having a great insurance company to take care of you is so significant. An auto insurance policy is there to help pay the price of the repairs to your vehicle and medical expenses in the event of an accident; helping you get your life back to normal as quickly as you can while also doing our best to relieve the stress often associated with an auto collision.

VOS Auto Insurance provides Texans affordable automobile insurance with a bundle of primary coverage, which together makes up a standard auto insurance policy. Every one of those auto insurance policies has its own different premium. There are also other car insurance policies for premium costs. Along with auto insurance, we provide insurance for different vehicles like RVs and trailers motorcycle insurance, and Mexico tourist insurance plan.

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    In addition, with your liability policy, you can often add policy to create a protective cushion that is greater on your own.

    Collision insurance will pay for repairs for your car that result from wrecks or other accidents. Comprehensive insurance pays for automobile damage from non-accident accidents. For example, automobile damage from severe weather, theft, fires and reductions will have policy. Personal injury protection (PIP) covers your medical bills and, often, lost income due to injuries you or your passengers maintain. Uninsured/underinsured coverage insures you against damage caused by somebody else who does not have proper liability coverage. For example, if you are the victim of a hit-and-run, you might not be able to make a claim. Thus, your policy can help you. Other accessible coverage might offer you assistance for roadside assistance and rental vehicle coverage.

    Ask our auto insurance agents in Texas how to bring these elements to your coverage. We can work to make sure you always have an proper balance of affordability and protection.

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