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All drivers need insurance to protect them from liability, but the available options can be overwhelming. The minimum requirements will not provide adequate protection against the risks you may face on the road. As a result, insurance companies have developed several car insurance policies to cover a wide variety of risks. The specific combination of coverages you choose is your ‘full coverage.’

Do You Need Full Coverage Insurance?

If you plan on driving a car, you may benefit from full coverage insurance. Everyone has different needs, and the coverages you select should suit your specific needs. Remember, your ‘full coverage’ car insurance is the sum of the additional coverages you choose, so you’ll want to carefully consider your options.

A correctly designed full coverage car insurance protects you against any risks that could cause you monetary loss. It will adequately prevent you from paying for any incidents out-of-pocket. Some insurance coverages are required by state law, such as auto liability, while others are optional depending on the insurer and your specific situation. The following are common types of car insurance coverages

Types of Car Insurance

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    Insurance Type:

    Auto InsuranceHomeowners InsuranceCommercial General LiabilityCommercial AutoWorker's CompensationPet InsuranceCommercial PropertyProfessional Liability

    Liability Insurance

    Most states require liability coverage, and it is automatically included in all vehicle insurance policies. This coverage protects you from paying out of pocket if you are liable for a car accident that resulted in injury or property damage. Property damage liability coverage will help pay for property damage costs. In contrast, bodily injury liability coverage will cover the other party’s medical expenses if you are responsible for the accident.

    Comprehensive Coverage

    You will need protection from damages arising from car accidents as well as other incidents. Including comprehensive coverage in your car insurance policy will protect you from damages caused by natural disasters such as hurricanes, hailstorms, and tornadoes. Comprehensive insurance will also cover you against theft, vandalism, falling objects, animal damage, and damage to vehicle glass.

    Collision Coverage

    If you are involved in an accident, and your vehicle sustains damage, collision coverage will help pay the repair costs. Collision coverage is designed to cover damage to your vehicle, while liability insurance covers damage to a third party’s vehicle. Collision and comprehensive coverage both have deductibles and limits. In case of an accident, you will pay the deductible, and your insurer will cover any repairs over that amount. Both coverages are optional, but if you pay off a car loan or are leasing a car, the financing company usually requires both comprehensive and collision insurance.

    VOS Insurance helps you drive with confidence

    Full coverage car insurance will keep you covered against most risks while you’re on the road. VOS Insurance has over 20 years of combined industry experience that gives us the know-how to help find you the best coverage. We’ll help you design a full coverage car insurance that will protect you from financial loss, whether or not you’re at fault.

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