Property Liability

Buying Property for Your Business?

Almost any business requires a lot of capital investment to get off the ground – inventory, equipment, office furniture and supplies, and of course, the building itself. Naturally, any business owner will want to ensure that these investments are protected – and that’s why Vos offers robust commercial property insurance.

Commercial property insurance is, in short, exactly what it sounds like: coverage for all the physical property that goes into running your business. This coverage is customized to fit the kinds of property you want to protect.

Do You Need Commercial Property Insurance in Texas?

With the wide array of industries present in Texas, we know how different commercial insurance can look from one customer to the next. But just about any business will benefit from property insurance because just about any physical property can be covered.

From computers to manufacturing equipment, to paper records and other documents – if you can touch it, it can probably be protected under a property insurance policy. And because physical assets will vary so widely from one business to the next, there is a lot of flexibility in the kind of coverage available.

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    Understanding Property Insurance

    As you can probably imagine, the single most important factor in determining the premium on a property insurance plan is the overall value of the assets that need to be protected. Another big one, however, is location. Several variables can affect relative risk between different areas, such as the accessibility of fire protection.

    Speaking of fire protection, your building’s construction and infrastructure (or buildings) are also important. In addition to any sprinkler or fire alarm systems, the age of your building, its construction materials, and the state of its HVAC, plumbing, and wiring systems are all critical considerations. Zoning and occupancy classifications can affect premiums as well.

    If you have or are seeking general liability coverage for your business, you may be able to save on property coverage by bundling these two policies together. You can also add special products to a property insurance policy. For example, if you are in the midst of new construction or renovation, you may find Builder’s Risk insurance to be invaluable. Or, if your business uses a lot of heavy machinery, Equipment Breakdown coverage may be ideal.

    Protect your physical property with Vos.

    The physical property that goes into any business is a major investment, yet it is vulnerable to a wide variety of risks – theft, loss, breakage, and the elements, to name a few things. Mishaps are inevitable, but good property coverage means you can recover from them.

    With the breadth of services that we offer and our years of experience, Vos Insurance Agency can help you find the perfect solution for your particular property coverage needs. We’re also to share knowledge and tips with business owners that point them in the right direction. Call us today for a free consultation!