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Texas Boat insurance covers larger and faster boats that aren’t always protected under a homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. Boats that typically require separate boat insurance policies include:

·        Speedboats

·        Yachts

·        Large engine fishing boats

·        Personal watercraft like; jet skis and wave runners

The size, type, and value of the boat, and the water in which you enjoy it, can impact how much you’ll pay for insurance policy.

What Does Boat Insurance Cover in Texas?

Boat insurance in Texas can cover multiple things like physical damage or loss and protection for the hull, fittings, machinery, and furnishings. It also covers some permanently attached equipment as part of either an actual cash value coverage or within an agreed amount worth foundation.

Boat insurance in Austin can offer more coverage than a homeowners coverage. However, there are distinct differences between the two types of policies. Of mind? If you’re looking for Texas boat insurance, the Vos Insurance Agency will be here to assist. Located in San Antonio TX we serve our boaters and sailors

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    Agreed Vs Actual

    The main difference between these Texas boat insurance policies is how depreciation is managed. Having an “agreed value” policy, the insured and the insurance company agree upon the value of the watercraft. At the time of injury, the insurance carrier will pay up to this agreed amount despite the current value of your watercraft. This form of insurance can be more expensive upfront.

    “Actual Cash value” policies base the boat’s worth upon its value in the time of this accident. The vessel ages. Typically, an insurance company will need an “actual cash value” coverage As the boat gets older. An agent out of Vos Insurance Agency can help you Determine which of those boat policies is ideal for you.

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    Purchasing Texas boat insurance is how you keep your jet skis, sailboats, fishing boats, houseboats and other watercrafts safe. It also helps give you peace of mind that if an accident happens, you’ll have a back up plan. Vos Insurance agency is dedicated to finding the right policy for you that covers all of your needs and fits your budget.

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