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The wind in your face, the scenery whizzing by – there’s nothing like riding a motorcycle along the Texas roads. You can’t help but feel like you are on a grand adventure any time you’re on a motorcycle. We know that your motorcycle is more than a vehicle. It’s part of who you are – an expensive part. That’s why it’s so important to protect it with the right motorcycle insurance.

Protect Your Motorcycle with Insurance

Insurance helps you cover unforeseen costs. Your motorcycle makes it possible for you to make every day exciting – you can never get bored on a motorcycle. We know how much you love your bike, and we know that means that you want to protect it.

Just like you would wear a helmet on your head while you ride, insurance provides the peace of mind that makes every ride feel a little more secure.

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    What San Antonio Motorcycle Insurance Covers

    There are many different kinds of motorcycle insurance available, and we can help you understand what you need.

    Liability Insurance – this is required by the state of Texas. It covers damage that you do to other vehicles or people. At the bare minimum, you will need liability motorcycle insurance to legally ride in San Antonio.

    Collision Insurance – this insurance covers damage to your own bike during an accident you’ve caused. If you cannot afford to replace your bike out of pocket completely, you want to carry collision insurance.

    Comprehensive Insurance – There are other ways your motorcycle can be damaged other than in an accident. For example, someone may steal it, or a branch could fall on it in a storm. Those kinds of events are covered with comprehensive insurance.

    Uninsured motorist insurance – Everyone is legally required to carry liability insurance, but some people break the law. Uninsured motorist insurance covers damage to your bike in an accident with someone without proper insurance.

    Choose VOS Insurance

    If you are looking for motorcycle insurance in San Antonio, you have come to the right place! We’ve been providing insurance to the people of Texas for more than twenty years. When you work with VOS, you are working with professionals who know what you need and can help you get it at the best possible price.