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Do You Need Recreational Vehicle Insurance in San Antonio?

While on the road, collisions and road emergencies are a significant risk. Once you park and your RV becomes a home, it is at risk of theft, fire, and natural disasters. You will need sufficient San Antonio recreational insurance coverage against these risks so that in case of any incident. Incidents can mean someone breaks in, or you rear-end another driver. Your insurance can cover the cost of the damages.

Yes, you do. Since an RV is technically a vehicle and a home, you will have to select coverages that address the risks and liabilities both vehicles and houses are likely to face. RVs face many risks while being driven and parked, risks that can lead to expensive damages you will have to pay for out of pocket if you aren’t suitably insured.

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RVs or recreational vehicles are a great example of the
journey being just as important as the destination. Recreational vehicles coverage in 
San Antonio let’s people experience life on the roads while still retaining plenty of home comforts. Like all drivers on the road, RV owners require insurance. However, RVs are an entirely different breed of vehicle, so RV insurance is a little different.

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    Coverage Options for Your Motorhome Policy

    On top of the standard motorhome insurance policy, you should also consider camper liability, insurance for full-time RVers, total loss coverage, and 24-hour roadside assistance.

    A standard motorhome insurance policy for a motorized unit will have liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage. Liability coverage will pay for third-party damages and medical expenses. On the other hand, comprehensive insurance covers extreme weather, natural disaster, theft, and vandalism, while collision coverage will pay for damages to your vehicle arising from a car accident.

    Motorhome Insurance for RVs

    RVs are unique vehicles, and owners will select insurance coverage based on their vehicle and specific situation. Motorhome insurance covers you, your vehicle, and passengers for accidents, damages, and theft, whether the RV is being driven or parked.

    You need special motorhome insurance if your vehicles fall within any of the following categories:

    • Class A – Large, fully contained motorhomes
    • Class B – Similar to vans, with taller ceilings and a longer wheelbase
    • Class C – Mini-motorhome fashioned from vans or trucks

    You may also need specific insurance for pop-up campers, “toy” haulers, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), and horse trailers.

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