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If you’re considering boat insurance, chances are, you love your boat. It’s probably a big part of your life, but it’s also a big expense. When you insure your boat, you can get on the water with the confidence that you are protected. We love helping boaters have more fun on the water!

Protect your Boat with Insurance

There’s nothing like spending the day on the water. Whether you love fishing or water skiing, it’s a great way to get out in nature and forget your troubles. Spending a day on one of the many great rivers and lakes in Texas, in our beautiful Austin weather, can be a great way to create memories with friends and family.

However, boats are not free. If you know how great boating is, you have likely also spent a lot of money on your boat. You want to make sure that your boat stays protected against potential damages. That’s where VOS Insurance comes in.

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    What Austin Boat Insurance covers

    There are many different kinds of insurance that you might need for your boat. Luckily, VOS Insurance can help you with all of them.

    For example, we provide all-risk insurance, which covers all sorts of damage that could happen to your boat, whether it’s on the water or being towed. If your boat is damaged, your all-risk insurance can cover it. We can also provide replacement cost coverage to be confident that you could replace your boat if needed. Even if it costs more than you originally purchased your Austin boat for!

    We also sell liability insurance. As every boater knows, boating can be dangerous. If someone gets hurt on your boat, there are financial costs in addition to the medical stress. We can provide bodily injury insurance, which would cover the medical expenses of someone injured on your boat. This insurance will also cover legal expenses if you need to go to court due to an injury.

    Choose VOS Insurance

    Why choose Vos? We’ve been providing insurance in Austin for more than twenty years and specialize in meeting our customers’ unique needs. We can help you choose the perfect insurance for your situation, so you can enjoy your boat with the confidence that you are covered. Give us a call today to find out how VOS Insurance can help you.