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Imagine waking up with a beautiful view, then hitting the road to the next gorgeous spot. Driving along the most scenic highways in America, with everything you need in your RV. It’s an amazing lifestyle and one that is beloved by many people in Austin. The Lone Star state is known for its amazing vistas, and an RV is one of the best ways to see them.

Do you need recreational vehicle insurance in Austin, TX?

If you own an RV in Austin, you know how many incredible places the state of Texas has to offer. You also know that driving an RV is a little bit more complicated than driving a typical car. If you get in an accident, you could be losing your vehicle and your home on wheels. Insurance helps you to rest easy while you camp in your recreational vehicle.

Your recreational vehicle isn’t just a vehicle; it’s also home. That’s why you need to protect it. There are lots of potential risks. Your RV could be damaged while driving or parked. People could also get hurt while in your RV, and you’d be responsible. Recreational vehicle insurance helps you worry less about these risks so that you can enjoy the journey.

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    What recreational vehicle insurance covers

    If you get in an accident while driving your recreational vehicle, you will want your RV to be covered. Because it’s larger than a standard car, you’ll need more coverage than you do for your personal vehicle. However, recreational vehicle insurance is not just car insurance: it covers theft, fire, and other disasters in case your RV is damaged. It also covers liability accidents at your campsite.

    There are multiple different classes of RV, each of which needs its own insurance. Class A RVs are built like buses, while Class B vehicles are more similar to vans but taller, while Class C is made from trucks or vans. Fifth wheels are trailers that are pulled behind another vehicle.

    If you typically leave your RV parked at your Austin home and occasionally take it out for a vacation, a standard motor home insurance may be sufficient. However, if you are a full-time RVer, you will need more coverage. You may also want roadside assistance coverage, ATV coverage, coverage for the vehicle’s contents, and more.

    Liability coverage in auto insurance policies includes three different coverage limits:

    How much money the policy will pay for other people’s bodily injuries, per person;
    The total amount the policy will pay out for bodily injury coverage per accident; and
    The maximum payable for property damage, per accident.

    Choose VOS Insurance

    At VOS Insurance, we take pride in helping our clients find the right insurance. If you plan to purchase an RV or already have one, you need to insure it. The cost of potential damages due to an RV accident can be astronomical, and a good insurance policy will keep you safe. Give us a call today to figure out what you need to hit the road without worries.