Insurance for Your Employees

Maintaining your Austin business also means taking care of your employees. After all, your employees are your business!

One way to take care of your employees (and your business) is to ensure employee safety. Despite your best efforts, an employee could still be injured or become ill due to work-related factors. That’s where Workers Compensation insurance comes in.

Do you need Workers Compensation? in Austin?

If you own a business, you likely need help running it, and employees fit that bill. The challenge is, when you have employees, you have a moral and a legal obligation to ensure they are safe while working in Austin or wherever you send them. Unfortunately, that isn’t always an easy responsibility to perform.

Workers Compensation protects you from the costs associated with employee accidents or illnesses related to the workplace or the work they do. It gives your employees peace of mind that they will be taken care of if an accident occurs while performing their duties. It also covers them should they develop an illness directly linked to the type of work they do in your business.

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    What Workers Compensation Covers

    The specifics of what Workers Compensation covers are usually spelled out in state law and the policy each employer obtains for his or her business. However, it typically covers the cost of treating employees who become ill or are injured while at work. Worker’s Compensation will support those affected employees for the wages they lose due to a work-related injury or illness.

    The policy also covers the cost of undergoing rehabilitation after a work-related injury or illness. The goal is to help an employee return to work as quickly as possible, given the illness or injury they suffered. In the unfortunate event that a workplace accident or work-related illness claims an employee’s life, Workers Compensation covers death benefits to the employee’s family.

    Workers Compensation coverage is mandatory in Texas. However, the wage and medical benefits therein vary – even within the Austin area.

    Although coverage is required, your rate is based on several factors. Characteristics such as your industry, your Workers Comp claims history, and the number of employees you have can impact how much your business pays.

    Choose VOS Insurance

    At VOS Insurance Agency, we know that every business is unique and that no one knows your business and its needs like you do. We, therefore, listen to you so that we can customize a Workers Compensation policy that addresses your specific needs.

    Our team of insurance agents knows the Austin area well. We’ll do all the leg work of shopping for suitable insurance companies so that you can make the final choice of the most appropriate.