Liability Insurance

There are many wonderful businesses of all sizes in Austin. If you own one of them, you need to make sure that you are covered against potential claims. Being sued can bankrupt your business and crush the dreams you have worked so long and hard to bring to fruition. Even if you can afford it, spending the money to fight a lawsuit can prevent you from running your Austin business.

Do you need general liability insurance in Austin, TX?

If you own a business in Austin, you need to carry general liability insurance. We know that you’d much rather focus on running and growing your company than worry about insurance. However, planning ahead is extremely valuable to your bottom line. Once you have chosen a policy, you will be able to forget about it until you need it. When disaster strikes, you’ll be glad that you purchased general liability insurance.

All kinds of businesses need general liability insurance. Lawyers and accountants can get sued for errors in their work. Personal trainers and gym owners can be sued for injury to their clients. Delivery companies and movers can accidentally damage someone’s property. Any business can have someone trip and break a leg on their premises and suddenly be responsible for their medical costs. No matter what kind of business you own in Austin, you need to carry general liability insurance.

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    What general liability insurance covers

    General liability provides broad protection to Austin business owners. It can cover a wide range of situations. For example, it can cover damage to other people’s property, such as offices you rent. It can cover medical payments if someone gets hurt on your property or injured due to your company. It can cover slander or libel claims or claims that you infringed on someone else’s intellectual property.

    Even if none of those scenarios seem relevant to your business, you should still consider general liability coverage. You cannot plan for everything, and you can’t be everywhere. There are many ways that your business can wind up getting sued. It can catch you by surprise, especially if it’s due to an employee’s negligence. You’ll want to be prepared with general liability insurance.

    Choose VOS Insurance

    Understanding your business insurance needs can be overwhelming. If you are trying to figure out what kind of insurance your Austin business needs, VOS Insurance can help you. Our expert insurance agents will get to know you and your unique business. We can answer all of your questions and ensure that you get the policy that you need. Give VOS Insurance a call today so that we can help make sure your business is thoroughly covered.