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General Liability Insurance

Business General Liability Insurance

If you are a business owner in the greater San Antonio, TX area, you should have a variety of insurance coverages in place. Protecting your leased or owned real estate, company automobiles and other business property, and business income are all important.

However, when purchasing business insurance, don’t focus solely on protecting material things. Most San Antonio business owners could also benefit from buying business general liability insurance policies.

Business General Liability Insurance

So, who needs General Liability Insurance in San Antonio?

Do I Need Business General Liability Insurance for My Business?

With very few exceptions, the answer to this question is a resounding “yes.” Business general liability coverage is designed to protect you from unforeseen liability claims.

If your business is sued or is otherwise the subject of a liability claim, your business general liability policy can help you deal with the expense and hassle of defending yourself against the claim, so you can continue focusing on running your business. Having a separate general liability policy can also help your company avoid financial hardship, including having to file bankruptcy, when an unforeseen claim arises.

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Understanding Various Types of Coverage

Rather than being limited to liability coverage for a specific type of claim, business general liability insurance offers broad insurance liability protection. Policies typically include the following types of coverages:

Property Damage

While you have other policies that provide specific protection in case your business’ property is damaged, your general business liability policy goes beyond that to cover damage to other peoples’ or business’ property. This type of protection includes coverage for damages to the premises you own or lease for business purposes.

Property damage can be very expensive. Fortunately, when you purchase business general liability coverage, your business is protected from legal and financial liability, up to the policy’s limits.

Medical Payments

Your general liability insurance policy covers you when a customer, vendor, supplier, or someone else gets hurt while on your business premises. It also protects you if an injury occurs on the client’s premises and your company is somehow liable. The insurance policy covers the injured person’s medical expenses so your business doesn’t have to shoulder that cost.

Any type of San Antonio-area business can benefit from the bodily injury protection, but it’s particularly useful for anyone in the construction fields, architects, contractors, engineers, as well as personal trainers, fitness clubs, yoga studios, and more.

Personal and Advertising Injury

Whether your business is a home-based operation, a standalone business, or you freelance providing services to others, there are many ways you could be involved in a personal injury claim or an advertising injury claim.

For example, someone could claim your business website, marketing, or communications are slanderous or libelous. Similarly, another party could claim you infringed on their copyright or other intellectual property. Your business general liability insurance policy protects you from these types of claims and others.

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What Does it Cost to Have General Liability Insurance Coverage for My Business?

In general, most business owners are pleasantly surprised at how affordable a business general liability insurance policy can be. The specific premiums your business will need to pay for general liability insurance coverage in San Antonio will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Your industry
  • The size of your company
  • How long you have been in business
  • Where your business is located, and whether it is open to the public
  • The types and amount of liability coverage you purchase
  • The policy deductibles you choose

Different types of businesses face different risks, and insurance premium costs vary to reflect different companies’ potential for losses. For example, the owner of a consulting business with just one employee will likely pay less for general liability protection than someone who owns a landscaping business and has six employees.

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How Can VOS Insurance Agency Help with Business General Liability Insurance?

Savvy San Antonio-area business owners understand the value of limiting risk through purchasing adequate insurance coverage. When you buy business general liability insurance for your company, you can rest easy knowing that your bottom line is protected if, despite your best efforts, a liability claim arises.

VOS Insurance offers personalized, independent insurance solutions for individuals and business owners in and around San Antonio, TX. Ready to learn more about commercial general liability insurance and other insurance products for business owners? Request a QUOTE TODAY! today!

Business General Liability Insurance